About Me


Here at Natural Transitions Consulting, LLC I have taught ATP Fundamentals at Christus St Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe, NM and  virtually to an AT LEADS Advisor at Bronx CUNY.  I have worked with RESNA critiquing research papers, on the Cognitive Accessibility Standards Board and on a task force for the ATP Fundamentals Certificate.

 I have also presented at Arizona Telemedicine Program, ATIA, MOTA (Michigan), Mountain West Virtual OT Conference, EPA Region 5. Standing member of RESNA involved in cognitive accessibility standards committee, k12, international and emerging technology special interest groups and the occupational therapy professional group. 

I have worked on the forefront of occupational therapy and assistive technology including schools 0-26, home health 0-99, traumatic brain injury, developmentally delayed residential, group homes, autism spectrum, traumatic brain injury.

Natural Transitions Consulting, LLC currently teaches service providers occupational therapy and assistive technology techniques.  I have given presentations at the community college here in Montana and have lived here for seven years.  I am involved in STEAM,  recreational therapy, telehealth and rural health.. 

I have also worked in Montana, Washington, San Diego, Michigan, and Ohio.  Attended with degrees complete at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Western Michigan University cum laude, Kalamazoo. I can give AT consultations nationwide and am licensed in Montana and Washington as an OTR.

If you enjoyed your consultation, please consider signing up for a subscription to a library of resources in all performance areas.  Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Resources are available!

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Performance Areas

Inclusive Education

  • Pediatric Therapy
  • UDL Resources
  • Transition Resources

Activities of Daily Living

  • Feeding
  • Toileting
  • Sleeping
  • Communication
  • Hygiene


  • Exercise
  • Sensory
  • Range of Motion
  • Posture

AT Equipment

  • Wheelchairs
  • Bathing
  • Smart Home
  • Remote Support


  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Equipment

Hear What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say!

"I am visually impaired and a student in ATP fundamentals class virtually for seven 1.25 hour conference sessions. I found Mary to be very patient and accommodating. She went out of her way to present the information and forms to me that I can access. She is a good teacher with good rapport."
William M.
"I am a speech therapist and was a co-worker with Mary at a developmentally delayed institution and local schools to help pay for the rehab department at the institution. I found Mary to be resourceful and a very hard worker with good rapport with her students."
Lee Z.
"Mary took special care for my disabled aging 95+ mother and advised me on what resources and doctors were available. She helped clarify technical terms in layman’s terms in order to help my mother. Mary went out of her way to regularly visit my mother for her care."
Diane S.
"Mary always made me feel comfortable as if we were visiting with a loving and respected family member in our home. Her ideas and practical skills approach provided us the safest manner of ADL’s for us both as a team! Mary provided simple yet effective methods that worked for us safely at all levels and she does it all with a sense of humor! Therein lies the gift she has!"
Virginia P.
"Mary DuCharme worked with me serving students in my school district. I found her to be a thorough and extremely knowledgeable diagnostician who wrote clear and comprehensive evaluation reports. She demonstrated a wide knowledge base within her field and associated areas. She used her assessments to create comprehensive treatment goals, along with suggestions for accommodations and modifications. She was creative in her work with students. Mary consistently went above and beyond when both evaluating and treating her school clients. I appreciated her willingness to consult regarding students."
Becky S.
"Mary is a wealth of knowledge and always striving to learn more. She has shared occupational therapy and assistive technology resources and engaged in a lot of great conversations that have led to an expansion of my own knowledge in the field. She brings a great energy and interest to her work."
Seth S.